DTP for translation services

BOLD Reliable DTP:
Complete desktop publishing for translation services: from preflight to deliverables

What I offer

  • Desktop publishing services in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate.
    For jobs in other applications please contact me for details.
  • Medical Device Manuals, Technical Manuals, Financial Reports, Summaries of Benefits, E-Books, Interactive PDFs, PDF forms, PDF presentations, and many more
  • Document recreation, formatting, post OCR clean-up; text extractions; web content localization
  • Accessible documents: formatting for accessibility, accessibility check
  • Russian proofreading services are available, complimentary for jobs under 2 pages long

  • What makes BOLD I Creative stand out

    • Proven excellent quality • Quick turnaround • Consistency • Unique artistic approach • Layout Optimization • 508-Compliant deliverables

    Understanding an utmost importance of a brand consistency, in all new jobs I will ask you if your end client has any style guides, and if they do, I will ask you to provide style guides along with source files.

    First, I will check if an incoming document follows established style guides, and will contact you if it does not. Normally, I fix source layout to match your end client's style guides.

    If your target market requires the use of foreign fonts, I will use closest match, OR will offer you options if more than one matching font family is available, OR will let you know which font will be used if there is only one font available for this language (for example, Zawgyi* for Burmese). If your client's preferred fonts are paid licensed fonts, which cannot be syched from Adobe Toolkit, you will need to provide these fonts along with source package. If this is not possible, closest match will be used. If however it is absolutely necessary to use those paid licensed fonts, cost of fonts purchase will be added to the total amount.

    When working with the same end client’s materials I runs a comparison each time similar artwork is received to make sure the jobs are consistent within. I will notify you of any discrepancies during the prep stage.

    *In 2019 Myanmar standardized their font to Pyitaungzu (Unicode), and Zawgyi is apparently now out of date. However, none of my tests of this new font was successful. I continue using Zawgyi. If your end client has different preferences they would need to provide working Burmese font along with source package.
    Layouts come in different shapes. Even best looking layouts can be very poorly constructed form a translation perspective (and surprisingly, this is mostly the case). Beautiful eye pleasing artwork can be a total mess once you open a source file. Logical pieces often are broken into series of separate text boxes, and related images are placed with no connection to passages they actually relate to; lines and shapes are often used in place of rules and shades, and even text alignments are done using spaces, tabs and a mix of soft- and hard returns.

    All this does not matter if you simply intend to print this artwork and never use it again. But if this document needs to be presented on a different market (in our case it needs to be translated) or massively updated with new information – whomever is doing this work will face a great challenge: elements will shift around or, oppositely, will stay where they were placed originally, breaking logical flow, and even your Table of Contents might come back with translations different from what is used in the body of your new document. To fix this requires a lot of time to manually adjust each element, and if your have more than one target language – this will need to be done as many times as there are target languages, over and over again.

    To optimize the process, I go through source layouts, assembling elements together in the manner that all pieces are synchronized, TOC (if any) is live, all rules and shades resize automatically, and all logical text passages are linked, and logical text flow is preserved.

    This is performed in the prep stage of a job, and optimized source layouts are available as additional set of deliverables upon request at no extra cost.

    If your source is an interactive file with lots of cross-references, buttons, pop-ups, forms and external links we check every element to make sure it properly works, fix it if needed and prepare for translation.

    I treat each job as a unique artwork, which needs restoration. Layer by layer I go over each element making sure each one is complete within, and all are connected, and together telling the same story.
    In the age of globalization and accessibility I understand ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance as a key element of any document distributed on-line. Following these standards makes a document accessible for people with color blindness, vision- and hearing limitations. (Click here to read more from the original source.) I perform default accessibility check on all web-intended PDFs provided with final packages. I make sure correct language, document header, alternative text for images and logical page order are set, and PDFs exported as tagged documents, that those can be properly recognized and read out loud when needed.

    When preparing a web-intended DTP document for translation I will ask you to provide alternative text for all images in a document.

    Upon request of your end client additional metadata might need translation (for example, keywords). In most cases, when extra metadata is needed, your end client provides PDF containing this metadata with an initial package. I will extract this metadata as a separate file OR provide it as extra text within an IDML of the file this data belongs with. If no metadata is provided by a client, but is however requested, I will work with you on the best solution to this query.

    When dealing with a word document, I make sure your document has output language set, uses correct paragraph and character styles, tables have properly set headers, all images have alternative text, all footnotes are live, all lists are indeed lists, and TOC and all other internal and external references are live.
    Time management is everything. Your project is always my priority.

    I give you reasonable time estimate (and I stick to it). If a job needs a lot of work - I will clearly explain it to you in details. If a large looking job is in fact a couple of hours DTP – I tell you that, too.

    I do not confirm a rush job if cannot keep my promise. Overnight DTP is available for high profile rush jobs.

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