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DTP: Frequently Asked Questions

No: word formatting is a formatting job and not a DTP job. I offer Word formatting services as well. If there are non-editable elements, which need to be typeset it might require some re-creation, please contact me for an assessment and a quote.
No: PowerPoint formatting is a formatting job and not a DTP job. I offer PPT formatting services as well. If there are non-editable elements, which need to be typeset it might require some re-creation, please contact me for an assessment and a quote.
Complete DTP cycle is the entire process from files assessment (preflight) and prep to final deliverables and guarantees maximal efficiency of the process. It includes as many in-between rounds as needed to ensure best quality of a final product and your end client satisfaction. Read more about DTP here.
Not for free. At BOLD I a job is invoiced and closed after final delivery is made. This is going to be a new job, please contact me for a quote.
Yes, you certainly can, but here is a big disadvantage in this approach: Your original files might not have been prepared properly, and it might cost your company more to fix it in post-remerge stage. It is not a big problem if you only have one target language, your document is a one-pager with no layers and no interactive elements, and if your document does not need any additional layout adjustments (resizing, flips, color check, color correction, cloning into multiple sizes, etc.). But as complexity of a layout increases and number of targets add up your company might be looking at times-number-of-targets extra cost for doing same thing over and over again. Contact me for a quote.
Yes, you can do this, too. Contact me for a quote. But before you do so, you need to consider few things:

ONE: If a layout uses custom fonts or paid license fonts VS common fonts or fonts which can be synched I will not be able to guarantee text flow in the layout, neither will I be able to deliver packaged fonts back to you. If I needs to buy fonts to complete your project font purchase amount will be added to final invoice.

TWO: If a layout contains any linkage, I will not be able to generate High Resolution PDFs, and most likely all the missing images will look like grayed out areas in reference-only supporting PDFs (conversion to an IDML and back wipes out preview). This is what you would get:

Grayed out image areas when linkage is not found

Of course, no links would be packaged for delivery.

THREE: With IDML-only I will still be able to final layout and PDFs, and you still can review text as many times as you need. Though, you will have to let your end client know they would need to update layout on their end before using it as intended.
Working directly in a PDF is never advisable and sometimes is impossible, but there are other ways around:

ONE: ask your end client for a source. If your client is not sending you anything else at the moment (or say, they will not at all) - very often they just do not think there are other files behind a PDF. Check where a PDF was exported from by looking at its properties. Use CTRL+D to access properties, and the first tab will in most cases tell you that.

PDF properties screenshot showing this file was exported from an InDesign source

As you can see in this picture, this PDF comes from InDesign CC 2015 (Mac). This is what you'd need to ask your end client for: an original InDesign package. Most likely you are not talking to a person from a graphic design department, and this would be very helpful that you specify that a package needs to include all fonts and images used in that layout.

TWO: I can recreate layout for you in either Word or InDesign, depending on complexity of layout and intended use.

Please contact me about all your options on existing PDF file, please attach your file that I can give you most accurate quote.
Yes. 508-compliance is, in simple words, a federal regulation mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government is accessible to people with disabilities (ADA Act). Many clients, however, prefer to have their information available to any one who wishes to access it, which I believe is rather common sense nowadays. Please contact me to define the scope of your compliance-assignment; make sure you have all available information from your end client. Read more about 508-Compliance at: https://www.section508.gov
WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is a set of formal standards on how to develop accessible web-content (Read more at: https://www.logicsolutions.com/508-ada-wcag-accessibility-difference/. And here is another very detailed reference if you want to go even deeper: https://www.boia.org/blog/is-there-a-legal-requirement-to-implement-wcag).

From a DTP standpoint this basically comes down to general ADA-compliance: once you publish your PDFs online – you want these accessible for any person in your target audience. Contact me for a quote.
Yes, you certainly can. To do so please contact me in advance: last minute booking is not available.

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